June 16, 2012

pros & cons.

things im looking forward to:
-utah for three weeks.
-seeing miss calea & all her friends.
-getting paid.
-my pool to be finished.
-thats it.

things i'm not looking forward to:
-saying goodbye to my best friend for two years TOMORROW. then having to leave to girls camp monday morning. i don't want to go. i want to lay in bed, & drown myself in tears. {yes, i'll admit it}
i'm so not ready for this.
wish me luck. 


  1. Good luck Sydney! I love you :) text me!!

  2. Awe Good Luck! It will be great. He's making such a wonderful decision. I am in Utah for the week too! Enjoy it. The weather has been fabulous.

    Hang in there. 2 Years is such a small fraction of our lives in God's eyes. You got dis!