May 4, 2012

puppy love.

you know when you first got a puppy, all you ever wanted to do with it was play, cuddle, & run around. you give it cute nick names, & sometimes force it to wear silly things. you grow to love that puppy, more than anything. at times you feel as if they are the only one you can talk too & tell all your secrets too, because there's no way they'll tell anyone. years go on, & the puppy grows up. it's not a puppy anymore. 
then one day,
he runs away. you search long & hard; pray for hours, and never give up hope. tears flood your eyes, on a daily basis missing your best friend.
days go on.
weeks go by.
& you think puppy is gone.
your parents & friends think it's a good idea to bring other puppies by the house to see if they can fill the aching gap in your heart. what part of that don't they understand? i don't miss them. i miss MINE. the one who i shared the experiences with. the one who i gave my love too. something that can't be replaced. scary thoughts that go through your head, thinking if the puppy has found a new home. 
no matter where that puppy is you still love them right?  right.

so maybe, this story isn't about puppies. 
it's about love.
my love.

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