May 6, 2012

mormon prom.

yes, here in arizona there's something we like to call MOPRO. our stake has made a "mormon prom". it may not be the most fun thing i'll ever go to, but hey it's kind of a genius idea on their part.

i've been asked.

how should i respond?
any cute ideas??


  1. I am going to! Maybe i'll see you :) As far as answering goes, get a poster and write "We'll have a poppin' time together at prom!" And put pop rocks all over the poster! :)

  2. I would think and think and think of creative ways to answer boys to dances and I would usually end up just singing to them in class while wearing really weird costumes and inhaling helium. never failed. and one time I was asking a boy out and wrote my name on the heart of a build a bear and put it inside and sewed it up and wrote a really awesome poet that got out of hand at the end when I wrote, "my name is so dear to this bear's heart. To find it out, you'll have to cut it apart." clearly I don't have much tact. ah well.