April 5, 2012

when all else fails, music speaks.

this song completely gave me the chills. i dare you to watch this & not cry.
{sorry for all the music posts, i've been obsessed lately}

guys....i think i've given up.


  1. wow, they are really good.
    Syd... :( I'm sorry. I really am. *Hugs*
    if you want another sad song, I've been obsessed with this one today:


    I know the need for sad music. Feel better, boo.

  2. Sydney, I decided to do a little blog stalking, as you said I could. I love your blog! All of your posts are so inspiring, and beautiful. It's crazy. I feel like we have experienced (or are experiencing) the same things...But you're a much more talented writer than I am, so you're just writing my story. I feel like you're just a best friend giving me advice, even though we have never met. As for this post, I don't know what you're going through right now or why you're giving up, but just remember to stay strong and NEVER give up. As a member of the LDS church, we are so fortunate to have a loving and caring Heavenly Father who loves you more than you will ever know. HE IS THERE FOR YOU, but you just have to be willing to seek his help. My friend showed me a scripture, and it has since then become one of my favorite scriptures ever. It is in D&C 78: 17-19. I especially love verse 18. I encourage you to read this scripture, it is so comforting and nice to know that God is always with us. Anyways, thanks for allowing me to stalk your blog. It may just become one of my daily reads. (Creepy? A little, but it's all good right?:) ) Stay strong Sydney and don't give up, just yet or better yet, at all. Hang in there girl. Things WILL get better, I promise!

    1. Brynn. You are seriously the sweetest. We haven't met, but I feel like we should. Personally, I already feel as if we have met and are really close. It's really helpful to hear that im not the only one out there feeling these feelings. little notes like these help me smile and get through the tough days. I think it's safe to say for both of us that the church is great. I don't know how Id manage with out it. I read those scriptures, and Wow! Found my new daily read. Thank you for all your sweet comments, let's hang out sometime? Your the best, thanks for stalking :)

  3. so beautiful! i am absolutely in love with this song to begin with and all these girls are just adorable! i love that they each get a chance to do a solo. and the bloopers at the end, just perfect!
    xo TJ

  4. Sad songs are the best for the creative juices to start flowing

  5. Hope your weekend is going well, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog. :)