April 27, 2012


today i have that feeling of "don't talk to me, or ill hit you". my eyes refuse to stay open. as the year comes to a slow end, school gets more pointless everyday. i hate it when plans fail, especially if i was looking forward to it. i miss certain people. {random thoughts} BUT on the brighter side tonight is going to be FUN. tomorrow I'm doing a photoshoot, which I haven't done in awhile so I'm beyond excited! stay tuned for the pictures! & I'm obsessed with this song. You probably don't know this about me but I'm a total country girl. i come from a family exactly like that. ive only ever been to country artists concerts. you will find me at the nearest rodeo, with my boots on. I live & breathe it. {come take a look at the animals who live in my back yard} country girls do it better.


  1. ok, i had the same kind of day. which is why i am still up, sipping on wine, trying to forget about the day. and i wore boots with my wedding dress. there is nothing better than boots.

  2. Dudette, I am so feeling the same way right. everyone is bugging me right now. I just need to chill, but yeah, I'mma about to punch someone in the face.