April 10, 2012

this little life.

life is such a treasure. we all have moments, where all we can do is whine & complain about how much our lives suck. from the wise words of dieter f uchtdorf, we need to STOP IT. stop. there is someone out there right now who has never felt loved before. someone who struggles with addictions, or has serious health issues. someone who has lost a loved one & doesn't understand that they can see them again. there are people without roofs over their heads, a bed to sleep in, or food to put in their bodies. i know for me, I don't have a place to complain. there are people all around us who are like this & you may have no idea what they're going through. as for me. I need to judge less, & act more. I want to reach out to these people. today I found out someone very close to me is struggling, & badly at that. I wish I could grab them in my arms, hold them & tell them i LOVE them. that the life they have is worth living & they have so much potential. be kind to those around you. you have no idea what they're dealing with. even a smile can go miles.


  1. Love these words Syd :) P.S. I love your blog too!

  2. you are such a sweet heart.
    I just love reading your insightful words.
    Keep smiling chica!