April 29, 2012

the sisters i chose.

i had the lovely opportunity to photograph my two best friends for graduation. {aren't they so pretty?} they are a year older than i am, so its been kind of rough. watching & helping them prepare for their new future in a couple months. they are moving into their next chapter of life with out me. it's hard to sit back & watch them prepare for graduation, sign up for classes, & sadly even housing. it's going to be hard with out them. we have been friends for the longest time, & things are going to be so different. i wish more than anything to be in these pictures with them, & be able to graduate with them. im also beyond excited for them though. they are going to LOVE college, & have so much fun. these girls are the sisters that i chose for myself. we've grown up together, through the passed years, we've seen each other's smiles & each other's tears, we've fought with each other & have made each other sad, but we have even gotten through all that, so it is time to keep growing up but still be the best of friends because what we have will last forever, i just know it.

ps. this is my 100th post. dedicated to my favorites. 
brooke morgan & jordan michelle.


  1. oh my gosh. i love you syd. i cried. p.s. these are beautiful pictures.

  2. This is so very cute. I was always friends with the other kids in High School, and then MY senior year came and I had no one left. Just some acquantences..I made such amazing friends my senior year though! I am sure it is sad to see them go, but they are always a Skype or Facetime call away!

  3. Wow, these are some great photos, you took them? you have some mad skills!