April 2, 2012

my conference thoughts.

what a blessing it was to hear the words of our prophet this past weekend & all the other general authorities. i was lucky enough to be able to attend three sessions. {saturday afternoon, sunday morning & afternoon} being there was such an amazing experience. at one point i was able to stand up and look around at how many people were in that building. i felt an overwhelming feeling of peace that every one in that room is a witness of God & we're all there for the same reason. we are all going through our own individual trials, & we are all sons & daughters of our heavenly father. all the talks were truly amazing, & i got some amazing notes out of them. my favorite talk would probably of had to been elder hollands talk saturday afternoon.
some little key notes i wrote about this was:
don't feel hurt, blessings will come.
if you have made covenants keep them. if you haven' made them make them. if you have made them, and broken them repent & repair the.
don't delay.
end all grievances, & happiness will come. 

it is never too late.


  1. Just came across your blog and am loving it! Loved this post about conference! Its such a special weekend!


  2. love this. conference was amazing.

  3. I LOVED conference! It was just what I needed!