April 19, 2012

a memory I can't forget.

just putting the key into the ignition made my heart drop. off I went. driving down that freeway passing every car I could. the excitement was coming out. my singing voice got louder & louder. I would randomly let out a squeal here & there. It had been four months. four long months since I saw him. yet it wasn't long before I could jump into his arms again. pulling up to the airport, wanting to just over and run a marathon with all the energy I had. patiently waiting in the cell phone lot. I all of the sudden hear "stay with me, baby stay with me-" I answered with a shaky voice. he landed. I parked my car with out even paying attention to where. I ran into the elevator. the doors closed. and a permanent smile was lying on my face. as the doors opened back up, i called him. he told me where he was waiting for his luggage. I was speed walking, then slowly running. then at that moment. my heart skipped maybe three beats. his back was turned & we were still on the phone. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. i told myself to stay strong. I spoke the words "I see you". his back turned, we made eye contact, & I fell in love. he dropped his bags, & we started making our way to each other... then all of the sudden i found that both of us were sprinting inside of an airport. I jumped into his arms, those arms. the arms where everything makes sense in. the arms that have been missing for four months. he twirled me around, & we couldn't loose eye contact. the smile on his face never left. he looked great & so happy. that moment in time everything felt perfect. It's where a pause button would come into play, very nicely. there we were standing next to carousel four. not letting go of each other, & just adoring the smiles on each others faces. he picked up his bags along with my hand in his. & we walked to the elevator. {we were probably glowing} we slowly found where I parked & jumped in. putting the keys into the car at that time was a different feeling. I had him next to me. & he was in the best mood. we sat in the car for awhile. & then they came. the tears of joy, made it happily through my hazel eyes. with a smile on that boys face he took his hand & wiped my tears. then he said "there she is, there's the girl I missed" as he slowly started getting closer. then I found my lips locked with his. that love feeling people tend to always talk about... yeah. It was there. I could feel it every way possible. his lips made me fly. that kiss, just melted my heart. he was home. with ME.

{Note} this was only about a month ago. & not one day goes by & this memory doesn't run through my head. I can't & wont forget it. If this was in a movie it would be playing with the song "we bought a zoo" by jónsi.


  1. tthis was a great story to read in the morning. :)


  2. you should know that i got the most incredible wave of chills reading this.
    i did the long distance with my manfriend for over a year and a half (due to where he was stationed in the military) and i felt like this every time we saw each other at the airport. thank you so much for sharing. it reminds me of how i felt when i was at the airport too :)

  3. CHILLS. all up and down my entire body. i can't wait til i find the one that calls me when he lands:) so adorable. i love this!!

  4. This is the most beautiful story ever, Sydney. You're writing is just awesome! I hope that one day I will be able to find a love like you and your missionary have.

  5. This. Is. Adorable. Seriously, if I saw this in an airport, I think I would have to start crying or applauding or maybe even both.
    You write beautifully...and so glad you got your boy back! :)

  6. This is so real. I love your writing. These are awesome memories. Hold onto these and remember these in the bad times.

  7. Baaaaaahh.
    Remember when you told me this story and I was dying?
    I'm dying again. Yupp.

  8. Ok this may be the cutest story I have ever heard! I had chills the whole time. Holy cow that is so cute, so so cute!

  9. okay i'm like, re stalking after i read that post about the missionary.

    is this about him?!

    1. Yep! This was about Taylor! He was coming home from BYU for a week or so:)