April 25, 2012

CaLea Bagley.

would you like to know whats better than cupcakes, cafes, & rain? best friends. especially ones that you meet through a simple blog. meet calea. her & i technically met at the famous megan livingstons wedding. she walked through the door & i knew i had to introduce myself. so i did. ever since then we have greatly stalked each other through every thing possible. its really great.

then one day, we exchanged numbers & everything flew from there. i know this girl was sent to me for a purpose. we clicked instantly & had many, many things in common. the conversations never really ended. she told me she was coming down to arizona for spring break. at first i was super excited but then realized arizona is pretty big... what would be the odds? well, funny story. she was coming two minutes away from me. yes, that's right, two minutes, 120 seconds. i stole her away all week, & we had such an amazing time.

people ask me if it was awkward at first picking up someone who i barely knew. it was probably the farthest thing from awkward. it felt like i was picking up someone who i havent seen in years & we finally had a chance to catch up. im never going to forget the laughs & memories we shared. having someone so close in a different state can be hard at times. but friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about being separated, & knowing nothing will change. i know i can count on her for anything, & she has my back. we tell each other our little secrets & heart desires. i know this will be a friendship for a lifetime. i love this girl to pieces. i can't wait till summer finally comes, & we can party it up utah style. 


  1. you two are too cute! makes me want to spend the summer in utah.

  2. those kinds of friends are the absolute best. not even time and space can seperate two hearts that truly care. no matter how far away you are, your hearts will always fall back to each other because you're truly best friends. i got one of those too, and she lived in florida for 5 years. did that change a single bit of our friendship? nope! the only thing that changed was the fact that we didn't see each other everyday. just once a year for a month at a time.