March 4, 2012

a year ago today.

a year ago today, I met ashlyn suzanne bishop. we don't have the normal friendship of meeting at a school or church activity. we met simply through facebook.
 heres the story.
one day I was over at taylors house & when I got there he was talking to someone that I didn't know. I was introduced, his name was steve, & he was from utah. I later found out him & his family were moving to arizona in a year or so. the best part about it, was he had daughters my age. the next thing I knew I had a friend request on facebook.
I messaged ashlyn introducing myself, & explaining how I met her dad the other day! 
we clicked INSTANTLY. we had so many things in common. I found myself telling her things, that I would never tell anyone else, in a matter of a week of our friendship. we exchanged numbers & seriously not a day went by that we didn't text each other. 
March 3rd, 2011 my family took a trip up to utah. {since we seriously go there constantly} I told ash about how I'd be coming up, & we decided to put our virtual friendship to the side, & meet in person. and that is exactly what we did. I met her at her school, mountain view, in orem around 2:30. you wouldn't believe how nervous I was. I basically knew everything about this girl, yet never had I met her. but besides the nervous feelings I had, I was beyond excited. I knew we'd be the best of friends. 2:30 hit. I pulled up to the front of her school. I looked towards the door of the school & saw a girl running so fast towards my car. I through the door open & we attacked each other as if we hadn't seen each other in years. we were both so happy, we could of honestly cried. that was my first time hearing her voice, & she didn't even seem like a stranger. 
excuse the close up shot. mama isn't grand at taking pictures. this is our first picture together, & with in the first five minutes of meeting each other. she showed me all around her school, I met her friends, saw her dance, & met her sister chelsea! I knew from that moment, we'd be inseparable. 

 our first date was to the chocolate. the cutest cupcake shop you'll ever go to.
{march fourth, two thousand eleven}
we clearly clicked.
its been exactly one year since I have met this girl. I can honestly say I don't know where i'd be with out her. she has been through a lot, & I can easily say, she's one of the strongest girls I know. If ash never came into my life, i'd be miserable. she picked me up through my lowest points in life, & taught me there is good to come. she is a huge example to me, & I know she'll be by my side forever. meeting her has changed my life. & i'm grateful for every moment.
I love you ASH WASH PASH. thank you for everything.

 I love you, happy anniversary.
can't wait for all the years to come.

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