March 30, 2012

patiently waiting.

greetings. i am awaiting patiently for mallory sackley to arrive. i am very so anxious to see her. it has been almost one whole year. im dying. so while i wait i thought it would be splendid if i blogged from a hotel. so here it is. a blog post from the marriot. salt lake city bound. gotta love being home. im a utahard.
i can't wait to be reunited with the cousin. {family}
oh, & also go to conference. 
i'm pumped.


  1. dude, you're in Salt Lake. That means I'm like twenty minutes away! Next time you are here I think we need to plan a date.

    1. I would totally say lets plan something this weekend, but I'm only here for a few days! But I'll be here all summer :)

    2. yeah I figured you'd be having a busy couple days, but yes, this summer we will be playing. I can feel it. p.s I just tagged you in a post. feel free to play along. :)

    3. yes! im beyond excited. ill play as soon as i arrive back into the bloody state of arizona. thanks!:)