March 1, 2012

the morp date.

Luis & I went as penguins. & now you will say "penguins aren't from the jungle". this is where you are wrong. we were the penguins of madagascar. so, they are from the jungle. creative? I know. it was either that or zebras. we had a pretty fun time {as you can tell} well morp is now over. my job of asking a boy on a date is over for another whole year. I do have to give all the guys props for doing that. It wasn't as easy as it looked. all though I do wish guys asked girls on dates more. what has this world come too? I was seriously born into the wrong decade.
prom=coming soon. what the heck?
I hate when people hashtag on places hashtags don't even work but this is essential. it's important.


  1. Love the penguins of Madagascar idea! You guys are cuuuuute :)

  2. Penguins. Genius! Glad you have a fun time!! I bet you get a date to prom any day now!