March 26, 2012

an irish pub? say what?

remember when we traveled to greece? in food style? well, we made it to ireland this past weekend. it was....quite the experience. we went to "fibbers magees" we pulled up and were a bit sketched out, yet the words out of our mouths were "it's all about the experience right?" so we went on. we walked into this dark, alcoholic smelling, loud, restaurant. we took our seats closest to the door, in case of an emergency, & we had to run out. i ordered a corn beef & cabbage sandwich with a side of fries. ash ordered the same but with a side of potatoes with a creamy sauce. funny story. i dont think that creamy sauce was your regular alfredo sauce, we're all used to. the food came out with an awful stench. it smelt as if someone had poured their bud light onto our nice irish dish. so we tried the food. the sandwich? YUM. the fries? DELICIOUS. the potatoes? BEER. that "creamy" sauce, i have no doubt, had some beer to it. it was nasty. after the first bite, we were done. no more creamy potatoes for us. but what do you expect right? everyone in ireland drinks, its what we get. everyone in there either had full on facial hair, an irish accent, a kilt, or they were extremely wasted. it was really great. {sarcasm} i'm glad we stuck it out though. it was a good experience & gave us some good laughs.
i will marry an irish man one day.
she's thinking "WHY ARE WE HERE?" {notice how close the door really was}

oh, & we left a "jesus the christ" pass a long card with the tip. i'm sure they were grateful.

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  1. hahaha Sydney was getting drunk off her potatoes. :) thats funny. There is an Irish Pub by my house that is quite possibly my most favorite restaurant of all time. And just the other day, I listened to Gaelic music for hours. I love the Irish.