March 28, 2012


a change would be nice. getting back into school after one long, heart broken spring break, i've realized change would be good. the school i live at from 6:30 am to 2:15 pm is not exactly the greatest place you want to be. i walked through the halls hearing things that hurt my ears, a lot. the words these kids say are unbelievable, it's as if i walk through a rated R movie once a day. keep in mind, i don't even watch rated R movies. sad. my school isn't your usual utah school. where everyone knows everyone. your mormon, but probably not the greatest one. most people don't even understand what being mormon is, & i can honestly say i meet someone new everyday. the school is huge. my greatest friends are graduating next year. i want a change, & plainly, i need a change.
so i have this idea.
my best friend ashlyn & i have come up with a genius plan. it's in the works right now. i'm not ready to make it public but lets just say, it's exciting. & will be a HUGE change. just what i need. do you ever hate those decisions you have to make & you have no idea if your making the right choice until you've already decided & started to experience it? the thought actually scares me a bit. wish me luck? change.

"man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -andre gide


  1. Don't do this to me!!! I need to know what your big plans are ahhh

  2. cliff hangeeeeer!! I'm excited for these plans though!