February 5, 2012

the sister, chloe.

There's nothing better than having a little sister. Even though she's only six, she has my back no matter what. She knows when I'm sad, & does everything she possibly can to keep a smile on my face. She asks me how I'm doing & tells me she loves me on a constant basis. I love her more than words can say. With out fail, she can always make me laugh & make my day a thousand times better. I don't know what i'd do with out you Chloe Noelle Brereton. You are one true blessing in my life.

I walked into whats usually a filthy room but into a room where clothes were piled into one corner, & the bed was made. I found this little heart sitting on my bed {as shown above}. It made my heart fill with joy, & made me realize how sweet of a little sister I have. Going through hard times she has always been the one holding my hand & asking if I'm okay. Her sweet kind act of service made my day today. {the giants winning, helped a little too}

oh. the "good day" news will come soon, as well.

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