February 19, 2012

OPA! welcome to greece.

us three are on a mission.
gabby cramer. ashlyn bishop. & i.
we've decided to try every type of food there is out there.
we will be traveling around the world {of food} & so far our first destination was, greece.
 while we were in greece, we did something...dishonest.
we told the nice waiter that it was my birthday. the reasoning behind that is because I really wanted to hear someone say "opa!" After all we were in Greece right? SO, they sang to me, gave me some cake, & yelled OPA. I was content. {put some windex on it} here's the proof.
opa! from Sydney Brereton on Vimeo.

since we decided to travel the world, food style. I decided to make a map of all the places we will go. right now it's looking a little bare, since we've only made it to Greece. but it will fill up! See that little blue country? Yeah...that's where we have been.
Greek Food? CHECK

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