January 22, 2012

a sunday thought.

Well this song will rock your world {press play, now} It's probably the most beautiful song i've ever heard. I cried. {shocker, I know} Today I had the lovely opportunity to speak in church. I spoke on "spiritual preparedness". My favorite part from the talk was this story: “Have you ever thought about why you were sent to earth at this specific time? You were not born during the time of Adam and Eve or while pharaohs ruled Egypt? You have come to earth at this time, 20 centuries after the first coming of Christ. The priesthood of God has been restored to the earth, and the Lord has set His hand to prepare the world for His glorious return. These are days of great opportunity and important responsibilities. These are your days. With your baptism, you declared your faith in Jesus Christ. With your ordination to the priesthood, your talents and spiritual capacities have been increased. One of your important responsibilities is to help prepare the world for the Second Coming of the Savior.” -Neil L. Anderson.
I love prophets & apostles.
Hopefully you listened & enjoyed.

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  1. wooooowww. That song is BEAUTIFUL! Probably one of my favorite hymns. Thanks so much for sharing it and part of your talk. It really makes you wonder what is in store for us and why we are here right now. love it.