January 21, 2012

social media crisis? nope.

I was a facebook addict.
I know every single one of you have experienced those nights you sit at your computer attempting to do the homework you were assigned a week ago, but decide to do it the night before it's due. & then you always find yourself distracted by a little thing I like to call...facebook. Why do we find other people lives SO interesting? We sit there, & look at everything they do for a good amount of time, wouldn't you say? Most people just whine about how awful their lives are & complain about every little thing that goes wrong.
Another serious issue I had with facebook.
I would see these peoples lives and see where they go, what they wear, what they do, & etc. I would always find myself wishing I were them, or I had what they had. I needed to realize how blessed I was & shouldn't feel jealous.
ANOTHER issue I had with facebook. 
boys. (taylor)
With out fail, everytime I logged on to facebook, id type in the single letter T & his name would be the first one up. I clicked on the profile, setting myself up for heart break. I'd see pictures, wall posts, status's that just plainly hurt. Over dramatic? possibly...most likely.

SO the point of this is I no longer have a facebook. Sydney Brereton's profile has been deactivated. I have lasted a week & plan for more weeks to come. It's actually a lot easier then I thought, I actually have become a lot more productive! 
wish me luck, that I wont reactivate my account.
(it will happen in the future.) 
Now.  I have to go write a talk for sacrament meeting tomorrow on preparedness. yay. 

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  1. facebook fasts never last long for me. Good Luck!!