December 25, 2011

a happy holidays.

I remember the times as a kid the whole month of December singing christmas songs, & occasionally the end of November depending on how mom felt. I remember going to grandmas making sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, & funeral potatoes. May you ask why potatoes? Perhaps it's because it's the most delicious food on this planet. I remember the feeling of laying awake at night anticipating if santa has visited yet or not. It seemed as though every time you looked at the clock to check if it's the time to run downstairs to christmas bliss only a few minutes have gone by. Those were some very long nights. 

This year was different me. I felt as if I have been sucked in by the adult world during the holiday season. I fell asleep at time planned, & didn't lay awake staring at the clock. It's well known the adults & kids have different outlooks on the month of December. This holiday season I have been so busy. I went to school, did homework, & then when I wasn't doing those two I was hanging around at the INSANE mall, working my butt off. I missed out on going to grandmas, baking cookies and christmas goods with momma. I wish we all had our own life remote & could pause the good moments, & make them last....for as long as we want. 

Having family over for christmas eve really made me realize how grateful I am for such a wonderful family. Having my family in the gospel makes everything twenty times better. I'm one lucky latter day saint. I also had the chance be santas helper for the first time. I helped santa 1 & santa 2 put the gifts out. I won't admit this to either or them but it did make me sad. Santa is still real in my heart & I love that jolly fat man.

Waking up on christmas morning, walking downstairs, seeing the tree light up the presents underneath was the same feeling I had as a kid. Christmas is for sure my favorite holiday. I love my friends & family and I'm grateful for everything I have. Pictures coming soon.
Have a merry christmas, & a happy new year.
i love you.

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