November 24, 2011

A Thankful Thursday.

In the tradition of it being thanksgiving today, id like to share the wonderful things i'm grateful for.
1. Love. The love of family & friends. 
2. Bestfriends. They get me through everything. Pick me up when I fall & I'm grateful to have them in my life.
3. The Gospel. Where in the heck would my life be with out it? I am who I am today because of the church. 
4. Music. I live life through music. When I hear certain songs they bring back memories. & it seems like music is advice put to a tune.
5. The Fall. Cold breezy days, falling leaves, hoodies, rain, & hot chocolate.
6. Trials. With out trials in our lives how could we become stronger? I am grateful for what I go through and learning from the experiences. 
7. Boys. Who else would hold our hands, kiss our lips, have shoulders to cry on, be there for us when were sad, and shoot us their cute side smiles when we need one?
8. Family. I didn't mean to make them low on the list... they should be my number one. I love them so much and would be lost with out them. Love you Breretons.
9. Cupcakes...yeah.
10. Blogging. Being able to stalk random girls and write my life away is a good feeling.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I love you all.
Bring on Christmas, my favorite time of year.

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