October 29, 2011

A True Blessing.

My grandpa Brereton has been inactive from the church for quite some time. He was baptized when he was eight but his family just fell away. He started to smoke at the age of twelve & has ever since. When my dad was growing up he was completely against the church, and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He had that attitude for quite awhile. We noticed a slight change in his heart once many of the grandkids were born. Our whole family has been trying for years and years to get him to quit his smoking & drinking habit. When I was about 12 or 13 I remember they came down for a visit and I wanted to do something special for grandpa. Since my grandpa had a hard life growing up he never really learned how to read all that well. At the time I didn't know this. So not knowing that I wrote my sweet little testimony inside of a Book of Mormon and put it in his bedroom. My grandma then came and explained to me his reading difficulty. BUT as my grandpa picked up that book and opened it to the first page he was able to read every word. After he read that he explained to my grandma the feeling he felt in that moment, she then told him that, that's te spirit and he has the chance to always feel that. Ever since that day, he slowly has been getting better & better. He started attending church every week, he received a calling, and tried to quit his addictions. It's been four years and he has now stopped drinking, hasn't smoked for about four months, attends church every Sunday, & last but not least he is able to receive the priesthood.we just found out about this miracle last Sunday. My dad received two phone calls during church and it was my grandma telling him the good news. Our family has been waiting for this day for quite some time, we are so proud of him. But I am also happy to say this story gets better. Not only does he get to be able to receive the priesthood but, my DAD is the one who gets to give him that. My Dad was overwhelmed and touched by this blessing. We are so truly grateful for our father in heaven and him watching out for us.

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