October 23, 2011

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go.

Where do I begin? OH YEAH....I TOUCHED TAYLOR SWIFT. Not only did I touch her, I stroked her shoulder down to her hand & told her I loved her. We were so close to her it was ridiculous. I was extremely excited.
We had floor seats and she walked all the way around to see everyone. Let me explain to you how much effort I put into touching this girl. If you ever need to know how to touch a celebrity follow these steps:
1st: Push anyone AND anything out of you're way. I most likely pushed 8 girls out of my way and they could of easily beaten me up right there and then.
2nd: Stand anywhere you can to get a good view. For instant I straddled 2 chairs.
3rd: Reach your arm out as FAR as it will go. I felt like if i pushed my arm out any further I would of fallen over. 
4th: Yell. Yell at anyone who tells you to move. The key is to be aggressive.
5th: As she/he walks by SCREAM. & touch them. (That sounds so wrong, I apologize)
I touched that girls shoulder and stroked her down to her hand. Security may or may not of had to push my hand away. & I may or may not of listened & put my hand back. She was really soft, no lie.
The reaction you'll have after touching Taylor Swift. It's common.
 Pretty good seats huh?
Taylor was so amazing live. I heard before I went to her concert she can't sing live, but that is so wrong. I have every lyric of all her songs memorized. I love her, it was the best concert I have ever been too. Big thanks to the Gardaniers for getting us such amazing seats. I had such a good time!


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  2. favorite picture of us. EVER. :)