October 6, 2011

A Perfect Morning.

This morning, I can basically sum it up into one little word, perfect. It all started waking up and making my sweet mom breakfast since she is one year older today. Then as I got ready for work I had the He is We playlist on pandora going. I truly have every song memorized, it's my favorite. I walked out the door & heard the rain drops hitting the ground & felt a cold breeze. That's shocking! Since I live in the desert and all. I got to work early, so I took a walk in the rain over to starbucks and bought a grande hot chocolate. (no coffee for me!) I sat down in there and started reading my one and only, Pride & Prejudice. Then my fantasy had to end & I had to get back to work. As I started opening up shop the sweet song "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder was on through out the mall. I looked over & saw a dad and his daughter dancing to it. I literally stood there with a huge smile and said "awwww" for about five minutes straight. It was THE cutest thing I have ever seen, hands down. Well...besides Taylor Heyman.
Today was a good day.
I am content.

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