October 20, 2011

A Funny Story for the Day.

I was sitting at my stand around 11 am. (no ones EVER at the mall around 11) Then randomly an old lady with a cane walks up. I tend to enjoy the presence of old folks, I think they happen to be quite cute. In this case, not so much... this was our conversation:
Old lady: "How's your day going?"
Me: "Pretty slow today!"
Old lady: "Well hopefully it gets better for you."
Me: "thanks!"
Then she walks away.
(8 seconds later I hear that cane walking back)
Old lady: "Jesus told me to come back to you and ask if you need anything. Are you doing okay? Do you need me to pray for you?
Me:"Uh...I....No thanks, I think I am pretty much all good. Thank you though...."
Old lady: Are you sure? I mean you are a teenager and all. I'm sure you're trying to figure out what path you want to be on. Are you on following Jesus? Walking in his footsteps?
Me:"....Yes I am good, on the right path....thank you..."
Old lady: "You're welcome. I'll always keep you in my prayers."

Do I look like someone in need of prayers??
Kind of made me sad.

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