October 2, 2011

15 fast food drive-thrus & a sweaty Hamilton- Chandler game.

The Chandler vs. Hamilton game is the biggest game in the whole season. I'm pretty sure we're the biggest school rivals in the state. Our game is on ESPN it has to be big! We have won 4 years in a row and have a 46 game winning streak. We are the bestttt? That game is so crazy. Put hundreds of sweaty kids in stands that don't even fit all of them, so we all have to all be touching, it's really great. But we won so I have no complaints.

 We got pretty bored of watching the game so we left a little early. Has anyone heard of coning? Well we decided to spice it up a little. What we did is we ordered fries or basically the cheapest thing on the menu. Then before we pulled up to the window we let someone out of the car and they hid. Then right as the person handed us our food the girl hiding ran thru and grabbed the bag (I was usually the one to run). It was probably one of the funniest things we've done.  We recorded it so ill post the video soon.
 If you are ever wondering what it looks like to go through 15 drive-thrus...take a look. For the record...we did eat it all. THE GYM IS CALLING MY NAME!
I missed it. wahhhh

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