September 11, 2011

Yes, I am a Mormon.

It seems like this past week at school I have been just overwhelmed with kids telling me things I can and cannot do because I am a "Mormon". Do you even know what being Mormon means? I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am told many, many times a day that I'm not allowed to do certain things. That is actually not true. I have the free agency to do what I please, but I CHOOSE to not too. I CHOOSE to not drink alcohol, smoke, take drugs, pre-marital sex, do things other than worshiping the Savior on Sundays, wear inappropriate clothes, and many more. The church sets standards for us not rules. Those standards are up to me to choose to follow & I am not forced to do anything.

I think people now days have a huge misconception of Mormons. The church has started to realize it as well. In 2009 their was a study done on what people think of Mormons.

44% said family oriented.
39% said cultish.
38% said controlling.
38% said conservative. 
28% said secretive.
27% said dedicated.
24% said anti-gay.
20% said sexist.
20% said weird.
& 9% said pushy. 

Those percentages are completely mistaken. That's why the Church has come out with "I am a Mormon" They've created a website called, this website lets anyone interact with members of the Church and full-time missionaries. Visitors can also learn about the basic teachings of the Church. LDS members from all over the world have created a "profile" their profile basically explains what their life consists of and how they are as normal as anyone else but yet, they are Mormon. It has been said that after this whole advertizement comes out 50% adult members will be asked about the Church and 100% of the youth will be asked by their friends, peers, & pretty much just anyone. I am actually very excited to be able to share with people what I know to be true and stand for what is right.

Here is just an example from what is shared on the website:

My name is Sydney Brereton.
I am a 16 year old girl.
 I love my family & friends.
I am very athletic.
I am a blogger.
I am a Mormon.

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