September 11, 2011

The Little Things in Life.

Friday I got out of school early to wait in the long line at the post office to get a passport with my family. My brother Kyle and I were the first ones done so I just drove us home. As we walked out of the office it instantly started to rain. Let me fill you in on something. When you live in Arizona you about DIE when it rains. My heart melts to even just the smell of it. I love rain.

So as we were driving home in my silver volkswagon bug in the pouring rain little 9 year old Kyle started to tell me about his school day. It was the usual elementary story recess first, then came the actual learning part. I know this doesn't seem like anything, but as I was driving in the rain with my little brother I just felt happy. Completely happy, with out a care in the world. 

This made me stop and realize the little things in life that we sometimes take for granted, like the cute stories I can hear from my brother or the sound of rain hitting my car. I am so grateful for all of my  blessings. It felt good to just stop and realize the little things I have in life.

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