September 5, 2011

Guess what!

First Paycheck. First Job. First good feeling.
(in awhile)

It's kind of funny I got my paycheck, because just last post I was in need of some money.
I recently started working at Origami Owl it's a kiosk in the mall that sells "living lockets". And as many of the men ask me "So are the charms alive inside?" (and they're serious) and in my head I say, no you idiot! But as a nice employee I kindly explain that the charms are NOT alive but you can choose any of the charms we have that mean something to you. For example: Mine has dance shoes, a camera, the eiffel tower, a cupcake, and a pink birthstone. All of those charms have a special meaning to me so hence the name "living lockets". These lockets are hot on the list as well as their employee so come by and see us!

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