September 6, 2011

Antiperspirant Deodorant.

Today I had the lovely opportunity to attend school in 90 degrees. No, we did not have class outside but we should of! My school air conditioning was completely broken. As I was half asleep I opened the doors at 6:35 (school starts at 6:30. I am always late) and I instantly woke up and felt like I had just entered a sauna. Did administration care that in a matter of minutes they would have tons of drenched kids in sweat walking around school? Not one bit, they made us all sit in hell. Pretty much every class the teachers were to lazy to teach. I think it was more of an "I am too embarrassed of these sweat stains on my shirt, so I'll just sit quietly at my desk while you children do what you want" type of an excuse. I didn't mind not doing any work today. Although on the one day I decide to wear jeans the AC just had to go out. I know, just my luck. I would just like to send a thank you out there to all the students who actually wore antiperspirant deodorant today. You made my day a tiny bit more enjoyable. As far as the people who didn't....uhh... you made my day ten times worse. I am just awaiting the days for fall to come! I am so done with Arizona heat.

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