May 19, 2014


all good things come to end they say. this blog has had its fair share of love. 
I am engaged to the love of my life, and I think a new blog is just what we need to share our special adventures. go check out all of my posts will now be on that one! 
sydney + kevin = seven 
which gives us the seven story.
thank you all for reading this journal of mine, go on over to the new blog and keep up with us there. love you all, xoxo

February 21, 2014

valentines post.

so my boy is perfect. 8 am rolls around and that happy day we like to call love day. he comes to my house (because we have tickets to walk through the gilbert temple) with a dozen roses, and all of my favorite treats. who likes yellow starbursts? not i. so kevin kindly bought me starburst but picked out all of the yellow ones for me. I about died. he also bought me a polaroid camera, so all day we went crazy with that. going through the gilbert temple with him was the sweetest thing. being able to be in the Lords house and being able to see the beauty inside, was amazing. 
after the temple. my cute man had to go to work, so while he was at work i prepared for our fun night. i loaded his truck with pillows, blankets, and snacks. i picked him up from work, and blind folded him immediately. he had no idea what i had planned. kevin and i have this "spot" that we always go up to and you can see all the city lights. so of course i took him to our spot to watch the sun set (i know how cheesy) but it was fun. i put the pillows and blankets in the back, and took off his blind fold. we have so much fun together and especially that night. after the sun set we went to sushi (obviously) and then the movie endless love…which was such a cheesy valentines day movie. i love this boy, and i was so grateful i could spend this special day with him. now I'm back in idaho… and missing him dearly. 

February 6, 2014

puberty should have stopped

hi i am eighteen and just got a million zits. oops is this an awkward think to blog about? oh well. anyways | HELP | does anyone have any secrets to get rid of acne? i am in need of some help.
i thought puberty was supposed to end like forever ago… guess not. 

also, i am getting sick of my blog design. which makes me not want to blog. don't get me wrong i love love love the design i have right now, i just need something new, ya know? so i think thats what ill do in class tomorrow. brainstorm some new designs.

speaking of class. i absolutely love my major. i am a communication major with an emphasis in video production and visual media. everything about this makes me happy, and its everything i want to do with my life. my absolute dream is have a life like HAILEY DEVINE. can we all just mutually agree she has the most perfect life? 
-waited for her missionary.
-married her missionary.
-her man has an english accent. 
-is the most amazing videographer.
-travels EVERYWHERE to do videos.
-she is absolutely gorgeous. 
so clearly i have an obsession with her, but its fine. 

anyways I'm trapped in my apartment basically all month because at this very moment it is -14 degrees with a windchill of -30 outside…. i didn't even know that was possible. so here are my random blog thoughts. and like i said I'm getting better at blogging ya know. 

oh ps. does anyone have any cute ideas/gifts for valentines day? i gotta boy who deserves a special day. 

happy thursday 

February 4, 2014

random spur of the moment disney trip.

as i am walking home in basically a blizzard, i get a phone call from dad and it basically went like this.
dad: hey so we're all going to disneyland this weekend, if you can find a way down, i'll pay for it!
me: **thinking about all of this awful snow, and picturing sunny warm california** okay ill find a way!

so here was the insane travel plans. that same night i decided to go, i took a shuttle from rexburg, to salt lake at 1:40 AM… (a big shout out to the nasty man who smelt like smoke and decided to sit right next to me when the whole bus was open) once i got to the salt lake airport, i had a flight from salt lake to phoenix two hours later.

i got to phoenix, and hurry & spent all the time i could with kevin because he was leaving for colorado to go snowboarding that same night. so we went to jamba juice, & thats always a good choice. 

(keep in mind this is all within 24 hours)

so kevin left for colorado, and i went to bed. the next morning the fam and i got in the car and drove six hours to disney. we got to the disneyland resort, & as soon as i saw the resort i knew coming was the best decision. we then spent the next two days at disney, & that could not have been more fun!! 

so now I'm sitting in the airport in denver with a two hour lay over. i am in for a long day. i flew from phoenix, to denver. denver to salt lake, & then i am taking the shuttle back to rexburg. so i have a lot of traveling to do… but hey this weekend was all worth it. 

i am one lucky girl. i have the best family & the absolute best boyfriend.

January 30, 2014

blogging world, i apologize.

well, i told myself i needed to take a blogging break. yet somehow a month was just not long enough for me. let me give you a little update into my life. 
i started my second semester here at byu-idaho. & i am pretty lucky that i have not froze to death.
i am still dating the love of my life. kevin is the most perfect guy i have ever met, & i am honestly the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call him mine. distance is hard, but i go home to arizona in april and am staying there for awhile, so i think we can make these next few months!
valentines day is coming up… & i have a special someone. so thats always nice.
i have the best friends up here in idaho, & i seriously would not be able to handle this semester with out them. i am one lucky girl, & i count my blessing everyday.
here are some of my latest little photographs.

December 1, 2013

bangs bangs bangs.

since i have had the same hair cut since the sixth grade i decided i should change it up a little bit. so here we have bangs. happy december everyone. this is definitely my favorite month of the whole year. 

November 25, 2013

missionary monday. repeat.

let me just show you a few of the missionaries who i miss with my whole heart.

meet elder halladay,
 he has the sweetest heart, and can look at me for one second and immediately know how i am feeling. he did everything to make me smile, and to make me laugh. no matter where you go this boy can keep the biggest smile on your face. i miss you tru.

meet elder smith, 
just like truman, this boy can make you laugh until it hurts. he can make you feel like the most special girl in the whole entire world. he likes his music, and enjoys eating. i miss his dancing, and him giving me the biggest hugs. keep on keepin on in peru chunk. 
meet sister gardanier,
i have known her since i was born and its been very different not having her around everyday anymore. she was always there for me, through the good and the bad. she knows exactly how to make me laugh, and she still does through her emails every week. can't wait till your 18 months is up jo.
elder heyman,
if you have followed my blog for a few years now this face is pretty familiar.
i do miss this missionary, and we are on good terms again. we are friends, and thats it. he comes home in six months.. and that just blows my mind. it feels like just yesterday i sent this boy off with a broken heart, and thought two years was longer than eternity. it was more of a blink of an eye.
elder baker,
he was my best friend. we didn't spend a day apart my whole senior year. he always wanted what was best for me, and made sure i was always happy. his family was my second family, and i miss them as much as i miss him. he was the best older brother i ever had. el salvador is pretty lucky to have this boy right now.

November 20, 2013

roommates & happy things.

its almost thanksgiving week and i am very grateful for my roommates and my FHE brothers. they all constantly keep a smile on my face, and i don't think i could survive idaho without them. 

November 12, 2013


being in rexburg without a car makes photography something extremely hard to do. i wish i had my car up here to be able to search for places to take peoples pictures. i wish my name was out there, and if people needed a photographer, they could call me up. rexburg kinda sucks, and i don't know where to place my foot for the next step forward. life is one big roller coaster, and i am found to be making the biggest decisions of my life. 

November 1, 2013


so this past month, i have been keeping a secret from everyone. everyone thought they were going to see me on thanksgiving break, but little did they know i was planning a secret trip back home halloween weekend! it was seriously so fun to scare my mom, and surprise all of my siblings. the looks on their faces was completely priceless. i have definitely missed this place. i was so eager to get out, and once i was finally out i realized how good i had it. i missed homemade meals, the laughter with my siblings, my comfy comfy bed, and even the noise of my brothers video games. it was hard sleeping alone in my room last night. i felt as if i was a stranger sleeping in a guest room. when i pulled up to my house last night, i just started to cry. this is home, and i have missed it more than anything.